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Welcome to the Guitar-Max music store website. Here you can buy, rent, play and see guitars you won't find anywhere else. In our Collection we have guitars made by well known brands and their master luthiers for world class guitarists, and we also have limited edition guitars.

On our website and in the shop you'll find a wide range of offers that will definitely interest both professional, well known and beginner guitarists. We also carry guitar amps, effects, studio equipment and more! We import musical gear on the customer's order.

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Recording Studio

Guitar-Max Recording Studio Wroclaw, Poland

Would you like to record an album or a song in professional, comfortable conditions and a very friendly atmosphere - on the best instruments and amps? Would you like to record guitar parts - riffs, solos on Petrucci's, Zakk Wylde's, Steve Vai's, Dino Cazares', Munky's or Head's guitars?

Here it is possible! Our studio offers access to a vast number of guitar gear that you won't find in any other studio or music store.

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Guitar-Max Music Store

Guitar-Max Music Store Wroclaw, Poland

Dzielna 9-11 street - Wroclaw, Poland
Store Hours: Monday - Friday 11AM - 6PM

Zall Wylde

Dino Cazares - FEAR FACTORY

Zall Wylde

Zall Wylde

Jurek Styczyński (DŻEM)

Darek Kozakiewicz (Perfect)

Dariusz Kozakiewicz

Dariusz Kozakiewicz - Guitars

Luthier Service

Guitar-Max Music Store - Luthier Service - Wroclaw, Poland

We offer luthier service of electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitars. You can find out more about our luthier service by clicking here: luthier service.


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Guitar-Max Music Store
Dzielna 9-11 street
54-152 Wrocław, Poland

Store Hours:
Monday - Friday 11AM - 6PM


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