Ibanez L.A. Custom Shop made for Brian HEAD Welch (Korn).
Signed by the band members:
Head (Brian Welch)
Munky (James Shaffer)
Fieldy (Reginald Arvizu)
During the day of Korn’s show in Warsaw, Poland – March 31st 2017

This Custom Shop guitar can be seen in the famous Guitar World “pool” photoshoot, as well as in the video from the 1999 Big Day Out Festival, song “Shoots and Ladders”

Visible dings, scratches, wear (cracks on the back of the neck/headstock sealed).
We kept the guitar in it’s original state: The pickups(signal) work, but due to the water, the pickups do not sound as they should. If requested we can change the pickups to a perfectly working DiMarzio set.

We have the original bill of sale

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