Ibanez Joe Satriani L.A. Custom Shop (LACS) Prototype #1
Built for one of the greatest guitarists in history – Joe Satriani, by the legendary Master Luthier from the Ibanez Custom Shop – Mike Lipe, who built also other LACS guitars for Joe Satriani (among other notable guitarists). This Custom guitar was acquired by well known West Coast musician/studio musician Craig Tarwater, who was an acquaintance of Mike Lipe. Tarwater gave the guitar in the first half of the 90’s to the father of the person from whom we’ve received it.

This is a very rare, one of a kind, truly extraordinary used guitar, and considering the prices of JS3 and JS5 Prototypes which sold (also built by LACS/neck built by Mike Lipe) for 10,000-12,500USD – this is a great investment, and will be a great addition to any guitar collection, especially if you’re into Ibanez LACS.

Absolutely amazing Maple neck, very comfortable, Rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, Very low string action
Basswood body with no finish, no holes/backplate for the bridge cavity
DiMarzio DP-155 Tone Zone in the bridge
DiMarzio DP-151 Paf Pro in the neck
Volume and Tone controls
Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge bridge
Copper shielded control cavity